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Winning campaigns are more than just a sum of their parts. 

Lots of campaigns have award-winning television ads and show-stopping direct mail.  But not all of them win.

That’s because tactics don’t win campaigns.  Strategies do.

RMS Associates combines years of experience helping clients win corporate, union, grassroots, legislative, issue, and political campaigns with innovative tools and ideas to create winning strategies — and make sure they’re flawlessly executed every step of the way.

We can build your overall campaign plan.  We’ll help you choose which tactics will help you reach your target audience most efficiently and effectively, and when and how to use them.  Or we can help you integrate specific tactics into an existing strategy.

Through our extensive network of partnerships with the very best campaign professionals in the business, we can help you find just the right specialist to carry out the tactical pieces of the strategy, with top-quality results, at no extra cost to you.  We’ll ensure that your campaign is their top priority.

Because solid tactics can build a strong campaign.  But innovative strategies build winning campaigns.

What We Like

We like food and wine almost as much as helping our clients win. Here, you’ll find trip ideas, wine reviews, and our picks for where to go to eat well and drink well.

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Who We Are

Richard Schlackman is an inventor. Back when television was king — and the only known way to reach large numbers of voters simultaneously — Rich introduced the idea that mail could be an effective, persuasive tool to communicate with voters. 

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What We Do

RMS provides strategic planning and support for corporate, union, grassroots, legislative, issue, and political campaigns. Every campaign is different, and we customize our services to meet your campaign’s needs.

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